adidas loves all their stars. The big wigs in the Champions League and the Grand Slams as much as the unsung heroes
fighting on the village pitches and the everyday athletes who are fighting with themselves to get up in the morning for some 5K.

To celebrate all of them, adidas wanted to make a star out of each one. So, people were invited to go to www.adidasgameface.com
and post their game faces on a endless virtual wall, where the no-names appeared side by side to the big names of sport, the chance of
winning tickets for the Champions League final in London, and the best of all, have your poster printed all over germany, switzerland
and austria, showing that not only the adidas stars, but everyone is all in.

Some of the concept frames for the wall:
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In just 2 weeks 3.279 posters were uploaded.

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view it HUGE!

agency: TBWA Berlin
client: adidas
role: Concepting, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Interactive Design

[2013] Featured on advertising served
[2012] Cannes Lions / Shortlist / Direct
[2012] Featured on the advertising in thedigitalage.com presented by R/GA
[2011] Epica / Silver / Media Innovation
[2011] London International Awards / Finalist / Non-Traditional Campaign