To connect with its audience over Christmas, McCafé developed a Facebook application counting down the days to Christmas - the McCafé Advent Calendar. But what looked like an ordinary app at first sight, was the first of its kind that connected Facebook, Its new features Places and all 744 McCafés in Germany. It allowed sending digital content directly to recipients´ mobile phones as soon as they checked in at McCafé. Every guest that did so, received a different digital present like songs, animations, recipes or illustrations... every day of the Advent. As a result, the number of McCafé fans on facebook rose over 10-times, bringing McCafé into the top 40 of German brands on Facebook.

Contagious magazine featured this case in issue #26

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agency: TBWA Berlin
client: McCafé
role: Concepting, Creative Direction

[2011] Contagious Magazine / Issue #26